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The following documents are available for sale:

Emile Zola Photographer in Norwood, South London, 1898-1899. The Norwood Society in conjunction with the London Borough of Croydon and the Association du Musée Emile Zola, 1997: £10.00 (plus p.&p).


Zola, La Bête humaine, texte et explications: Actes du Colloque de Glasgow, réunis et édités par Geoff Wollen. University of Glasgow French and German Publications, 1990. £ 10 (plus p.&p.)

New Approaches to Zola: Selected Papers from the 2002 Cambridge Centenary Colloquium, Edited by Hannah Thompson. The Emile Zola Society, 2003. £ 12.00 (plus p.&p.)


Emile Zola by Henri Mitterand translated by Monica Lebron and David Baguley. The Emile Zola Society, 2000. £12.00 (plus p.&p.)


Emile Zola Centenary Colloquium 1893-1993 edited by Patrick Pollard. London, The Emile Zola Society, 1995. £12.00 (plus p.&p.)


Visages de la Provence: Zola - Cezanne - Giono, Etudes du colloque d'Aix-en-Provence, 19-21 oct.2007, réunies et editées par Valerie Minogue et Patrick Pollard. The Emile Zola Society, 2008. £15 (plus p.&p.)


Rethinking the Real. Fiction, Art and Theatre in the time of Émile Zola. Papers from the London Zola Colloquium 18–19 October 2013, Valerie Minogue and Patrick Pollard (eds.). London: The Émile Zola Society, 2014. 8vo viii, 200pp. ISBN 978-0-9525583-0-9. £15 (plus p.&p.).


Landscapes of Industry : Zola and the Industrial Realities of his Time (Espaces et Paysages Industriels: Zola et les Réalités Sociales de son Époque). Papers from the Lille Colloquium 13-16 June 2018, Valerie Minogue and Patrick Pollard (eds.). The Émile Zola Society London, 2019. ISBN 978-0-9525583-5-4, 240 pages paperback with illustrations. Cost £15 or Є15 (plus p.&p.).


The Bulletin of the Emile Zola Society: Back copies still available (price £5 per copy plus p.&p.). Please check the Index of Contributors and Articles.

Cheques in £ Sterling, please, payable to: The Emile Zola Society.

Please send to:
35 Mayfield Avenue, Chiswick, London, W4 1PN

To pay by Bank transfer or in Euros, please email:

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We would be delighted to consider articles and reviews relevant to Zola and his times for inclusion in the Émile Zola Society Bulletin.

Intending contributors please note the following instructions.

Please use Word and send your contribution in doc format to Valerie Minogue ( and Patrick Pollard (
Do not use pdf or 'read-only' files

For the text – Arial 12 point
For the endnotes – Arial 11 point

Endnotes (not footnotes) should be used
Margins – Normal (2.54cm on all sides)
Single line spacing
Double spacing between paragraphs (no indented first line)
Short quotations should be included in the text
Long quotations should be set out as a separate paragraph, completely indented on the left
Do not justify any right hand margins

All text should be in English. If you need to include French or other languages, simply offer a translation first, then add, in parenthesis, and in single quotes, the other-language-text.
for example ... Hard work conquers all ('Labor omnia vincit') or Where there's a will there's a way ('Vouloir c'est pouvoir').

Use the MLA conventions for punctuation etc.
Where necessary use single outer quotes, and double for quotes within quotes: for example ... 'in this "appropriate" time' ...
Endnote indicators should be placed after the punctuation: for example ... ever",3 ...

Convention for titles of books, articles:
A.N.Other, Book Title. Place: Publisher, 2000, vol.6, p.19.
A.N.Other, 'Article title', Periodical Title, (XIX) 2000, pp.20-30.


6 February 2015

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