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Index of contributions to our Bulletins 1990-....

Baguley, David Emile Zola as a Committed Writer before J’Accuse...!
18 (September 1998) pp12-18
Baguley, David Review of Zola. Tome I. Sous le regard d’Olympia, by Henri Mitterand
21 (March 2000) pp26-27
Baguley, David Document: Zola on La Débâcle; Preface to 1892 edition
33-34 (April & October 2006) pp46-52
Baguley, David Book Review: Alain Pagès, Emile Zola: De J’accuse au Panthéon
37-38 (April & October 2008) p45, ill.
Baguley, David In Memoriam: Professor Philip Walker
39-40 (April & October 2009) p40
Baguley, David Book Review: Kate Griffiths, Emile Zola and the Artistry of Adaptation
41-42 (April-October 2010) p38
Beal, Shelley S. The Serialization of Travail/Labor in Harper’s Weekly
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp28-34
Beitler, Lorraine The Lorraine Beitler Collection of the Dreyfus Affair
33-34 (April & October 2006) p52
Bellalou, Gaël Nadia Coupeau, dite Nana: A Modern Adaptation of Zola’s Eponymous Work
30 (October 2004) pp16-22
Birchall, Ian Another Vizetelly Connection: Engels, Harkness and Zola,
6 (December 1993) pp3-11
Birchall, Ian Zola, Dreyfus and Internationalism,
17 (March 1998) pp3-8
Birchall, Ian Zola and the War against Terrorism,
25 (April 2002) pp3-11
Birchall, Ian Germinal’s Forebears. Some Fictional Representations of Nineteenth-century French Miners,
33-34 (April & October 2006) pp3-17
Birley, Pamela Visit to Médan, 5th October 2003
29 (April 2004) p23
Bishop, Danielle The Warp and the Weft: Tension and Texture in Zola’s Le Rêve
24 (October 2001) pp12-20
Bishop, Danielle The Interplay of fabric and disguise in Au Bonheur des Dames
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp13-22
Bishop, Danielle On the scent: the revelatory nature of fragrance for the women of the Rougon-Macquart
61-62 (April & October 2020) pp 5-14
Block-Dano, Evelyne In Search of ... Madame Zola, tr. Geoff Woollen
18 (September 1998) pp3-6
Bolton, Brenda ‘La serre complice’. The Conservatory in Zola’s La Curée.
45-46 (April & October 2012 pp 24-33
Boston, Richard The Aix and Pains of Genius
14 (September 1996) pp4-9
Brothers, Caroline In Defence of Dreyfus: Three Letters by Zola to Le Figaro, 1897
8 (August 1994) pp3-16
Burns, Colin Address to the Inaugural Meeting of the Emile Zola Society
1 (October 1990) pp9-10
Burns, Colin Emile Zola and England
1 (October 1990) pp3-8
Burns, Colin Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair: Reflections on Volume IX of Zola’s Correspondance
10 (April 1995) pp19-24
Burns, Colin Emile Zola and the Dreyfus Affair
15 (March 1997) pp3-10
Buss, Robin Simple Spades or Bloody Shovels: on Translating Colloquial Speech in Zola’s L’Assommoir
27 (April 2003) pp24-30
Cahm, Eric Reactions to J’Accuse...! and the Zola Trial in the English Press
20 (September 1999) pp13-23
Campmas, Aude The Priest and Narcissus: Sterility and Self-love in Zola’s Paradou
51-52 (April-October 2015) pp18-29
Capitanio, Sarah The Centenary of J’Accuse...! (13 January 1898-13 January 1998). Hommage au capitaine Dreyfus et à Emile Zola
17 (March 1998) pp15-17
Carnegy, Vicky Discovering Zola, 57-58 (April-October 2018) pp20-21
Chirac, Jacques [Speech of Jacques Chirac, President of France, on the Occasion of the Centenary of Emile Zola’s Death’, tr. by Simon Kemp]
28 (October 2003) pp12-18
Clark, Roger A Victorian Lady reads Zola, or “Disgusted” of Stratford-on-Avon
9 (December 1994) pp3-14
Clarke, Dan Attack on the Mill. A new translation of Zola’s short story.
47-48 (April & October 2013) pp 13-34
Codsi, Rita Exploring the Origin of Creativity in Zola’s Novels
31-32 (April & October 2005) p34-41
Cosset, Evelyne Paris: from Preliminary Sketch to Mythical Vision
20 (September 1999) pp24-36
Cousins, Russell Zola’s Mutating Narratives: from Pot-Bouille to The House of Lovers
1 (October 1990) pp11-13
Cousins, Russell The Dreyfus Affair and the Cinema
3 (December 1991) pp11-14
Cousins, Russell Review of Jack Emery’s TV film Can a Jew be innocent?, starring Derek Jacobi
3 (December 1991) pp18-19
Cousins, Russell Refracting Zola: the Cinematic Prisms of René Clément and Roger Vadim
7 (April 1994) pp14-22
Cousins, Russell The Allégret-Spaak Germinal: film mineur ou film minable
11 (August 1995) pp3-13
Cousins, Russell The Marketing and Reception of Claude Berri’s Germinal
12 (December 1995) pp3-11
Cousins, Russell The Serialization and Publication of L’Argent: The Genesis of a Literary Event in France and in England
14 (September 1996) pp9-19
Cousins, Russell Zola’s Shifting Narrative Perspectives: The Challenge to the Film-Maker’
23 (April 2001) pp24-31
Cousins, Russell The Rougon-Macquart at Eighteen Frames per second: Early screen ‘Picturizations’ of Zola’s Fiction
26 (October 2002) pp26-34, ill.
Cousins, Russell Shifting the focus: Zola’s sound discourse in Thérèse Raquin
41-42 (April-October 2010) pp8-13
Cousins, Russell Narrative fragmentation and coherence in La Débâcle: the soldier and civilian as surrogate narrators
41-42 (April–October 2010) pp22-29
Cousins, Russell Capital Ventures and Venture Capital in La Curée and L’Argent: the hedonistic Paris of financial speculation in sight and sound.
47-48 (April & October 2013) pp 3-12
Curtis, Simon Henry Vizetelly and Vizetelly & Co.: an Account
4 (November 1992) pp7-14
Diehl, Dorothy Back to the Future: Bringing the Experimental Novel into the Digital Classroom
28 (October 2003) pp3-8
Dousteyssier-Khoze, Catherine Pot-Bouille in Caricatures and Parodies
2 (October 2000) pp18-23
Duffy, Larry Dr. Pascal and the incorporation of external matter: textual and physiological hypodermics.
45-46 (April and October 2012) pp14–23
[Editor G.K.] A Second English Translation of Lourdes
2 (May 1991) p16
[Editor G.K.] Facsimile Pages from The Times of 1902
9 (December 1994) pp14-23
[Editor G.K.] Gillian Tindall: an Apology (and a Puff)
14 (September 1996) p3
Editor: G.W.] Translation Buffs’ Paradise
15 (March 1997) pp21-23
Editor: G.W.] Edmund Gosse and Zola redux
19 (March 1999) p29
Editor: G.W.] Dreyfus in Wonderland
19 (March 1999) pp30-31
Editor: G.W.] Dreyfusiana
19 (March 1999) pp32-35
[Editor:D.B.] Note on Angeline
21 (March 2000) pp12-13
[Editor:D.B.] In Memoriam: Norman Mitchell (1918-2001)
24 (October 2001) p36
[Editor:D.B.] Emile Zola, Fat Controller? 
7-38 (April & October 2008) pp20-33
[Editor:D.B.] Ask Zola 
37-38 (April & October 2008) pp41-43
[Editor:D.B.] The Dream Team
37-38 (April & October 2008) pp43-44
[Editor:D.B.] Book Review: Colette E. Wilson. Paris and the Commune 1871-78. The Politics of Forgetting
37-38 (April & October 2008) pp45-47
[Editor:D.B.] Two L’Assommoir Songs
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp22-27
[Editor:D.B.] Je t’aime, moi non plus... : Clorinde Balbi and Clara Bruni 
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp34-36
[Editor:D.B.] Sticks and Stones 
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp36-39
[Editor:D.B.] Notes for Contributors
39-40 (April & October 2009) p40
[Editor:D.B.] Notes for Contributors
37-38 (April & October 2008) p48
[Editor:D.B.] Book review. Emile Zola, The Fortune of the Rougons, translated and edited by Brian Nelson, Oxford University Press.
45-46 (April & October 2012) p46
[Editor:D.B.] Book review. The Painted Girls, Cathy Marie Buchanan, Penguin Group USA.
47-48 (April & October 2013) p36
[Editor:D.B.] Book review. L’Écrit-Écran des “Rougan-Macquart”. Conceptions iconiques et filmiques du roman chez Zola., Anna Gural-Migdal. Avant-propos d’Alain Pagès.Villeneuve d’Ascq, Presses Universitaires du Septentrion.
47-48. (April & October 2013) p36
[Editor: H.T.] Naomi Schor (1943-2001)
25 (April 2002) p30
[Editor: H.T.] Colin Burns (1928-2002)
25 (April 2002) pp30-31
[Editor: H.T.] Eric Cahm (1935-2002)
25 (April 2002) p32
[Editor: H.T.] New Books: - Zola, l’homme récit - Emile Zola. Les inachevés: une poétique de l’adolescence, ed by Dorothy Spiers, Yannick Portefois and Paul Perron, Les Cahiers naturalistes 2003
28 (October 2003) p18
[Editor: H.T.] New Books : - Mon Cher Maître: Lettres d’Ernest Vizetelly à Emile Zola ed. by Dorothy E. Speirs and Yannick Portebois. - Emile Zola, Oeuvres complètes ed. by Henri Mitterand (Nouveau Monde Editions, 2002-2004). - La representation du réel dans le roman: Mélanges à Colettte Becker (Ed. OSEA, 2002)
27 (April 2003) p31
[Editor: H.T.] Jeffery Cecil Burr, 1921-2003 [Necrology]
27 (April 2003) p32, portrait
Editor: V.M..] Professor David Baguley, 1940-2014 [Necrology]
49-50 (April-October 2014) pp3-4, portrait
Falgas-Ravry, Cecilia Killing the criminal mastermind: Zola’s innovative criminal characterization.
45-46 (April & October 2012 pp3-13. pp7-12
Finch, Alison Book Review: Valerie Minogue, Emile Zola, Money: A new translation
49-50 (April-October 2014) pp31
Finch, Alison Atheism, Joie de Vivre and Zola’s Women
51-52 (April-October 2015) pp3-12
Foulkes, Carrie The Photographs of Émile Zola
57-58 (April-October 2018) pp17-19
Gallois, William The Forgotten Legacy of Emile Zola
18 (September 1998) pp7-12
Goodwin, Derrick Abiding Passions [on Thérèse Raquin]
16 (September 1997) pp4-6
Green, Anne Tasting the Second Empire
43-44 (April-October 2011) pp29-39, ill.
Green, Anne The Shaping of vice: Flaubert’s Sous Napoléon III
49-50 (April-October 2014) pp24-30
Griffiths, Kate The Haunted Mirrors of Emile Zola and Guy de Maupassant
26 (October 2002) pp3-13
Hackett, John Zola and his Priests
51-52 (April-October 2015) pp13-17
Harrow, Susan Zola’s Paris and spaces of pro-modernism
43-44 (April-October 2011) pp40-51, ill.
Hemmings, F.W.J. Zola and the Theatre
4 (November 1992) pp3-6
Hemmings, F.W.J. Zola’s Reception at Lincoln’s Inn Hall, 22 September 1893
7 (April 1994) pp8-14
Hoare, Michael Rand Zola, Science and Society
5 (August 1993) pp3-8
Hoare, Michael Rand Naturalism in the South: Zola’s Italian and Spanish critics
19 (March 1999) pp15-28
Hoare, Michael Rand Zola, Strindberg and the Blue Books: A Glancing Encounter
25 (April 2002) pp12-24
Hoare, Michael Rand Theodor Fontane Discovers Zola
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp3-11, ill.
Horne, Eileen Let all be set forth. Art and Life in The Masterpiece and Dr. Pascal
53-54 (April-October 2016) pp15-20
Howell, Keith Collecting Zola
2 (May 1991) pp12-15
Howell, Keith Emile Zola in Caricature, Cartoon and Drawing
6 (December 1993) pp14-18
Howell, Keith From Zola’s Novel to Reade’s Play: The Victorian Public takes to drink
23 (April 2001) pp15-23
Howell, Keith Zola and a Touch of Decadence
27 (April 2003) pp3-10, ill
Howell, Keith Notes on some recent translations of Pour une nuit d’amour
27 (April 2003) p23
Howell, Keith Transport of Delight: Zola and the Bicycle
29 (April 2004) pp9-16, ill.
Howell, Keith Zola through English Eyes
31-32 (April & October 2005) pp26-34
Howell, Keith Melons, Pears and Madame Anastasie: French Caricature in Zola’s time
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp12-21, ill.
Howell, Keith Zola in America
37-38 (April & October 2008) pp34-40
Howell, Keith Emile Zola goes under the hammer
41-42 (April-October 2010) pp14-21, ill.
Howell, Keith Three Lives: La Maheude, Lisa Quenu, Renée Saccard
61-62 (April & October 2020) pp15-22
James, Sarah Catherine as Signifier in Germinal: Novel and Film
1 (March 1997) pp14-20
Jones, Sarah Faith, Medicine and Healing in Zola’s Lourdes, 59-60
(April-October 2019) pp 26-36
Kemp, Simon [Tr.] See Chirac, Jacques
Kent, Danielle Clorinde Balbi: Dressing for Effect / Dressing to Affect?
13 (March 1996) pp3-8
Kent, Danielle Travel broadens the Mind? Zola’s Carriages’
16 (September 1997) pp3-8
King, David Designs for Ladies: The life of Charles Frederick Worth, 1825-1895
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp23-26
King, David Zola’s Most Political Novel – His Excellency Eugene Rougon, 59-60
(April-October 2019) pp 21-24
King, Graham Emile Zola Berman
1 (October 1990) p8
King, Graham The Manuscript of J’Accuse...!
3 (December 1991) pp10-11
King, Graham Review of The Masterpiece, The Attack on the Mill and Nana
5 (August 1993) pp10-11
Le Blond-Zola, Martine The circle of friends at Médan
41-42 (April-October 2010) pp3-7
Le Blond-Zola, Martine Photograph of Martine in action
41-42 (April-October 2010) p7
Lethbridge, Robert Zola on the Welsh Border’
6 December 1993) pp13-14
Lethbridge, Robert Zola and England
10 (April 1995) pp3-13
Lethbridge, Robert Percy Pinkerton’s Pot-Bouille
21 (March 2000) pp14-19
Little, Rebecca Sexual Politics: towards a Feminist Interpretation of Christian-Jacque’s Nana
19 (March 1999) pp5-14
Macdonald, Graeme Writing Claustrophobia: Zola and Kelman
13 (March 1996) pp9-20
Macke, Jean-Sébastien The Revival of French Operatic Theatre: Emile Zola and Alfred Bruneau
30 (October 2004) pp3-15
Macke, Jean-Sébastien Zola’s works for the musical stage, tr. by Valerie Minogue
43-44 (April-October 2011) pp13-28, ill.
Macke, Jean-Sébastien A Note on Zola set to music in the 21st century: Tobias Picker.
45-46 (April & September 2012) pp43-45.
Marzel, Shoshana-Rose Female Shoppers in The Ladies’ Paradise: Zola’s Ambivalent Discourse in Au Bonheur des Dames
37-38 (April & October 2008) pp11-19, ill.
Mason, Donald Zola in Penguin
4 (November 1992) pp1-17
Mason, Donald The J. Harlin O’Connell Collection at Princeton
6 (December 1993) pp11-13
Maupassant, Guy de Two famous men, tr. and annotated by Geoff Woollen
41-42 (April-October 2010) pp33-38
McLean, Steven A note on Zola and Wells: Nana and The Time Machine
41-42 (April–October 2010) pp30-32
Minogue, Valerie Realism and Poetry in Zola’s works
43-44 (April-October 2011) pp3-12
Minogue, Valerie Book Review: Susan Harrow, Zola: The Body Modern: Pressures and Prospects of Representation
41-42 (April–October 2010) p38
Minogue, Valerie Book Review: Brian Nelson, The Cambridge Introduction to French Literature
51-52 (April-October 2015) pp38-40
Minogue, Valerie Book Review: Eileen Horne, Zola and the Victorians
53-54 (April-October 2016) pp36
Minogue, Valerie Theatre Review: Therese Raquin on Stage
53-54 (April-October 2016) pp 37
Minogue, Valerie Book Review: Aileen Ribeiro, Clothing Art: The Visual Culture of Fashion
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp38
Minogue, Valerie Book Review: Sophie Guermès, La Fable Documentaire: Zola Historien
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp37
Minogue, Valerie Book Review: Jennifer Yee, The Colonial Comedy:Imperialism in the French Realist Novel
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp37
Minogue, Valerie Albine, another of Zola’s Virgins? Not quite...’
57-58 (April-October 2018) pp31-38
Minogue, Valerie Saints and Sinners in Zola’s The Dream [Le Rêve]
61-62 (April & October 2020) pp23-30
Mitterand, Henri The popular novel and the literary novel: Zola at the cross-roads
49-50 (April–October 2015) pp5-15
Moorhouse, Eric Zola and Food
24 (October 2001) pp20-35
Moran, Claire Threshold Magic? Impressionism and the Domestic Interior
53-54 (April-October 2016) pp3-14
Morel, Chantal Zola en images: Report on the 1990 Paris Conference
2 (May 1991) p8
Morel, Chantal Zola and his Books
2 (May 1991) p9
Morel, Chantal Notes from Médan
5 (August 1993) pp8-10
Morel, Chantal Did you say… The Lutetian Society?
16 (September 1997) pp6-15
Morel, Chantal Graham King and the Birth of the Emile Zola Society
21 (March 2000) pp28-29
Morel, Chantal The French Educational System in Emile Zola’s Vérité
27 (April 2003) pp11-22
Morel, Chantal The Many Facets of the Body
31-32 (April & October 2005) pp16-25
Morgan, Owen Counterfeit Zola
23 (April 2001) pp4-6
Moussounda Mouanda, Sharon Taboo Strictures and Plot in La Terre
33-34 April and October 2006) pp18-23
Newton, Joy Zola and the Impressionists
2 (May 1991) pp3-4
Pagès, Alain The Story of Jeanne
31-32 (April & October 2005) pp3-15
Pollard, Patrick Book Review: Émilie Piton-Foucault, Zola ou la fenêtre condamnée. La crise de la representation dans les Rougon-Macquart
51-52 (April-October 2015) pp37-38
Pollard, Patrick Zola’s Perverted Priests: Vérité
51-52 (April-October 2015) pp30-36
Pollard, Patrick Zola’s Le Rêve, A medieval romance?
57-58 (April-October 2018) pp22-30
Pollard, Patrick Notes: Le Ventre de Paris, La Débacle, George Sainsbury, 59-60 (April-October 2019) pp19-20, 25 and 26.
Portebois, Yannick See: Speirs, Dorothy [E.] and Yannick Portebois
Prest, Julia Transformations of Jacques Lantier: from Novel to Film, from Film to Remake
10 (April 1995) pp14-19
Rees, Kate Plague, sewer, cesspool: fin de siècle mirrors of the mass press: Zola, Maupassant and The Hornets’ Life
49-50 (April-October 2014) pp16-23, illustrated
Ribeiro, Aileen Fashion, Art and Zola
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp3-12
Scott, Hannah Zola: (Not) At Home in England
53-54 (April-October 2016) pp21-32
Sicard-Cowan, Hélène Experimental Sciences and Compassion in Émile Zola's Fiction and Other Writings
57-58 (April-October 2018) pp3-16
Speirs, Dorothy E. Letters for Sale: Zola and George Moore
33-34 (April & October 2006) pp30-34
Speirs, Dorothy [E.] and Yannick Portebois Emile Zola in The Westminster Gazette
23 (April 2001) p7
Speirs, Dorothy [E.] and Yannick Portebois Emile Zola: Notes from Exile
29 (April 2004) pp3-9
Thompson, Clive There is not one Naturalism but several Naturalisms
61-62 (April & October 2020) pp31-39
Thompson, Hannah How does She look? Renée’s Access to the Gaze
21 (March 2000) pp21-25
Thompson, Hannah Conference Report: New Approach to Zola, Centenary Colloquium
26 (October 2002) pp35-36
Thompson, Hannah Emile Zola on the Internet
28 (October 2003) pp9-11
Tildesley, Matthew Brinton Emile the Innocent: A Portrait of Zola in a British fin de siècle Magazine
37-38 (April & October 2008) pp3-10
Tindall, Gillian Emile Zola’s Aix-en-Provence
2 (May 1991) pp5-7
Tindall, Gillian Review of Zola: A Life, by Frederick Brown
13 (March 1996) p2
Tindall, Gillian Review of Zola: A Life, by Frederick Brown
15 (March 1997) pp10-14
Tranca, Alex Les Mystères de Marseilles: Revolution in a Provincial City, 59-60 (April-October 2019) pp 3-18
Unwin, Timothy Flaubert’s Bad Taste.
45–46 (April and October 2012) pp 34- 42
Vizetelly, Ernest An extract from the preface of the translation of Le Ventre de Paris
53-54 (April-October 2016) pp38-40
Wharton, Susan Emile Zola in the Auction Room
33-34 (April & October 2006) pp35-45
White, Nicholas The Work in Art: Zola, Cézanne and Cabaner
7 (April 1994) pp3-8
White, Nicholas Fin-de-siècle Exchanges: Arthur Symons, Translator of Emile Zola
12 (December 1995) pp11-22
Whitelock, William Zola: A Visit with Him at his Home in Paris after Difficulties, from The New York Times (1901)
22 (Octobre 2000) pp13-16
Wilson, Nelly Zola and the Dreyfus Affair
3 (December 1991) pp3-9
Wilson, Nelly A Tribute to Graham King’s Garden of Zola
21 (March 2000) pp31-32
Wilson, Nelly In Memoriam: John Wilson (1925-2009)
39-40 (April & October 2009) pp39-40, portr.
Woollen, Geoff Ernest Vizetelly’s Annotations of Zola. I: A Footnote War
8 (August 1994) pp16-19
Woollen, Geoff Ernest Vizetelly’s Annotations of Zola. II: “FERMEZ LES LOURDES!”
11 (August 1995) pp13-20
Woollen, Geoff What’s (in) a Bête humaine?
13 (March 1996) pp20-22
Woollen, Geoff How Streetwise was Zola?
16 (September 1997) pp24-28
Woollen, Geoff What’s wrong with Haussmannisation? Zola in the New Livre de Poche
17 (March 1998) pp17-21
Woollen, Geoff The Dreyfus Affair, J’Accuse…! and Zola’s Trial in Jean Barois
18 (September 1998) pp19-25
Woollen, Geoff Zola, Cézanne and Le Château de Médan
20 (September 1999) pp3-12
Woollen, Geoff "Date Rape" in Zola
22 (October 2000) pp24-30
Woollen, Geoff Zola and Sand
25 (April 2002) pp25-29
Woollen, Geoff Troughs of Zolaism
26 (October 2002) pp14-25
Woollen, Geoff Crotte Alors
28 (October 2003) pp19-23
Woollen, Geoff Wolfe on Zola: Radically De Chic?
29 (April 2004) pp17-23
Woollen, Geoff Aux larmes, citoyenne!
30 (October 2004) pp23-25
Woollen, Geoff Cold cuts
31-32 (April & October 2005) pp42-51
Woollen, Geoff Cousin, cousine, Florent
33-34 (April & October 2006) pp24-29
Woollen, Geoff To Chile with hope, from Russia with love
41-42 (April-October 2010) p13
Woollen, Geoff At the Prince of Scotland’s shooting lodge
41-42 (April-October 2010) p29
Yee, Jennifer Costume and Presence, Costume and Absence: Some Elusive Characters in Flaubert and Zola
55-56 (April-October 2017) pp27-36
Zola, Emile Angeline, tr. E.A. Vizetelly
21 (March 2000) pp4-12
Zola, Emile Story of a Madman, tr. Ian Tulloch
24 (October 2001) pp3-6
Zola, Emile The Monster with a Thousand Smiles, tr. Ian Tulloch
24 (October 2001) pp6-8
Zola, Emile Photograph of Zola’s house at Médan
41-42 (April–October 2010) p40
Zola, Emile The Old Horse’, translated by Valerie Minogue, 59-60
(April-October 2019) pp 37-39

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