Report of AGM 2020

MINUTES OF THE ZOOM AGM OF 16 December 2020 at 6pm

1. Present: Keith Armstrong, Pamela Birley, Jane Davison, William Greenslade, Sati McKenzie, Valerie Minogue, Chantal Morel, Patrick Pollard.

2. Apologies: Keith Howell, David Lass, William Breslin.

3. MINUTES of December 2019 AGM: can be found on the website. Please read them and possibly comment on them, in writing, as soon as convenient.


a) President's: When face-to-face meetings resume, the Emile Zola Society should be covered by a Public Liability Insurance. An annual insurance would cover both meetings and trips.

b) Vice President's: Early next year the Committee will be reviewing the Society’s website to see whether it is still meeting the Society’s needs and the views of Members would be very welcome. We would like to know whether you make use of it, is it helpful and is the material presented in a readily accessible form? Is any of the content irrelevant to your needs and/or should we include anything else. Do please make your views known to the Secretary.

c) Treasurer's: Please refer to Report already sent with the Agenda.

Brief summary: not much activity. Income/expenditure: £ 71.90 extra spent; but no worry. Two cheques were issued before the closing date, they will appear on the next statement.

d) Secretary's:

e) Editors' re: the Editorial Advisory Panel: currently Professor Alison Finch (Cambridge), Dr Kathryn Rees (Oxford) and Dr Claire White (Cambridge). A greater use of their competences should be made use of, especially when selecting papers for colloquia, seminars and publications, as well as contacts for would-be speakers.

f) Publicity Officers': the following bodies were sent leaflets or material for inclusion on their website: AMOPA, French Circle in Chiswick, French Institute Library, Francofil, French Studies, Romance Studies, Franco-British Society.

5. QUIZ: none to be offered this coming year.

6. Election of Officers: All Members present felt it was sensible as it was an odd and unusual year, that all current officers should be reappointed for another year.

7. A.O.B. : For the survival of the Emile Zola Society, each Committee Member should have a deputy able to take over immediately, if and when needed for the safeguard and the smooth running of the Society. Everyone attending agreed to it.

* * *

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