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Hon Secretary: Chantal S. Morel
35 Mayfield Avenue, Chiswick, London, W4 1PN
Mobile: 00 44 (0) 787 508 9964

Website:   www.emilezolasocietylondon.org.uk
Email:   zolasoc@mail.com

Committee of the Society
President:   Valerie Minogue
Vice-President:   Keith Howell
Bulletin Editors:  Valerie Minogue and Patrick Pollard
Hon Secretary:   Chantal Morel
Hon Treasurer:   Patrick Pollard
Asst Secretary:   Pamela Birley
Sati McKenzie

The Emile Zola Society was founded in 1990 at the Institut Français du Royaume Uni. We offer friendly and well-informed contacts for members who are interested in Emile Zola, his life, works and times. We meet regularly for talks and discussions (generally in English) on Zola and his contemporaries, on films based on his novels, on fin-de-siècle Paris, Impressionist painters, and other relevant subjects. In the summer and autumn, we organise visits to places of interest. Our annual Bulletin publishes articles, reviews and details of our activities.

In recent years we have, among other things, organised a conference in London with international speakers, and collaborated in another, in Cambridge, on new approaches to Zola. We have published papers from both conferences, as well as an English translation of essays by the distinguished French scholar, Henri Mitterand. In October 2007 we held an International Conference in Aix-en-Provence, with fifty or so contributors from across the world, and with Guests of Honour Henri Mitterand and Martine Le Blond Zola. Selected papers from the Aix conference have been published (Visages de la Provence, Emile Zola Society, 2008) and are available from us.

In October 2013 the Emile Zola Society London held another International Conference, this time in central London. Guests of Honour, as in 2007, were Henri Mitterand and Martine Le Blond Zola. Contributors came from Canada, France, Israel, the Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom and the United States. Papers of the Colloquium, edited by Patrick Pollard and Valerie Minogue, have been published in Rethinking the Real, Emile Zola Society, 2014, available from us.

A number of books bearing on their covers the description 'The Emile Zola Society Edition' are being published by Grand Oak Books, Ltd (USA). They claim to be ‘new translations’ of Zola’s works, but the translations are Vizetelly’s. We wish to make it clear that The Emile Zola Society London is in no way connected with Grand Oak Books, with these publications, nor with the 'Emile Zola Society USA', which is mentioned in the Grand Oak Books web-site. We have no knowledge of such a society, nor has it ever made itself known to the International Association for Zola and Naturalism, AIZEN. The web-site of ‘Emile Zola Society USA’ is devoted to advertising Grand Oak Books’ publications of Zola’s works, and its 'About Us' section is blank.

Every year our Programme is as follows:

~ First Sunday in October: Pélérinage de Médan. Meeting at St Lazare Station, train to Villennes, then after a walk (just under an hour) to Médan, lunch at the ‘Plaisirs d’Eté’ restaurant by the river Seine, followed by celebrations at Zola’s House. A coach takes the ‘Pilgrims’ back from Médan to Villennes Station and a train back to St Lazare.

~ December: AGM, followed by a talk and pre-Christmas drinks.

~ February: a lecture (in English) on a Zola-related subject.

~ March: our annual ‘Saturday Seminar’ on Zola and his time.

~ April: our annual dinner, ‘Avec Zola à table’.

~ June: a talk on Zola and his work.

~ July: an outing ‘In the footsteps of Zola’ (places visited by Zola: Crystal Palace, Henley, Hatfield, Darwin’s House, etc.)